ponytail short hair

Easy steps to do a ponytail for short hair

The internet is almost full of tutorials for women with long hair in terms of hairstyles. Does this make you feel discouraged because you have short or short hair and don’t know what to do? If you have short hair and feel like you still have to wear it you’re wrong. You should try out many updos! Moreover these updos will give you the courage to play with your hair more and more. Here are a few easy steps to do a ponytail for short hair for yourself.

This is a twist to the ballerina bun and it’s really classy. It fits well with people with short hair. What you need to do is take out your hair’s front section and keep it cut. Next you make the rest of your hair with a high pony tail. Divide this ponytail into two equal parts. Take a portion, add some gel and back it.

ponytailNow twist it and pin it backwards. Do the same for the other field and wrap it from the opposite direction around the first twist. After that, work on the front of your hair. Flip it and return it to give it a little volume. If you want a slightly chaotic look you can leave it the way it is otherwise you can add some gel in the little hair strands around your bun.

This one is also very simple and fits well for people with short hair. Make sure your hair is dry and ready to work with before you start. Make a split in the middle of your hair and start to braid right in the middle of your forehead. Make sure all those little strands that rush from your bangs are also nicely tucked in.

Repeat the same for your hair on the other side. When both braids have been completed, use pins in the neck to secure them. The front of your hair looks fantastic enough. The rest of the hair on the back rolls up and tucks it into every section.

As having ponytail hairstyle with short hair, these updos are not only perfect for short hair, but can be created in less than five minutes. Avoid beating yourself if you have short hair, and fail to wear a cabbage every day! The fun you can have with your hair is infinite!