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How To Make Updo Stay In Place?

make updo stay in placeWe always dream of a perfect updo look. We would have a little fear about the perfect updo during an important occasion. Most of the time, it will be beautiful but will not remain in place.

To make updos for medium hair last for a long period, all that you require is a little patience and a lot of bobby pins.

Any occasion will last an entire day. Especially on a very important occasion like a wedding, the Updo has to last for an entire day. Most importantly it has to be perfect from all angles.

Things to do before an updo

how long does an updo lastIn the first of, you have to decide whether you are going to updo your hair or up to down your hair. Updating your hair will make your hair stay neater for a long time. It will flatter your bone structure and neckline.

Do not condition your hair or apply a mask. This will make your hair too soft. Consequently, your hair well weighs down and will not hold the style.

It is very important to go early to a salon with dry hair. It really needs time consultation, regarding the updo and the outcome. It will give you a satisfactory feeling.

You should definitely have a trial before you go for the actual up to. Have a check on the time it takes for a neat updo. It is also welcome to note how long an updo last.

Generally, it is recommended, not to have a hair wash on the day of your wedding. This suggests you shampoo your hair a day before and only use light conditioning. If you feel greasiness in your hair you can use dry shampoo. It will give more texture to your hair for styles to hold on.

Things to do during an updo

It is easy for you if you wear a button-down shirt on the appointment of your day. You can safeguard your updo while dressing later.

Give a great blow if you have curly hair a day before fire appointment. But do not use a flat iron. It will make your curly hair not to stay pinned in a place.

Things to do after an updo

Updo proper careI suppose you feel that your hair is slipping out, use a travel hairspray. This happens as you get to sweat while you dance.

To get up do to stay up, only a travel hairspray can tame your hair and serve as the best touch up throughout the night.

These are the easy answers to the question of how to make updo stay in place. Feel and look gorgeous on every occasion or make your presence an occasion.