hair grow so slow

Why Does My Hair Grow So Slow?

All individuals want to see long hair and especially females. For such a task, they are focusing on lots of things. Some are trying to make sure that they are using the best quality hair products and some other important factors. With all these elements, some interested ones are trying to let them grow naturally. Due to it, they are raising questions related to different factors such as – slow hair growth.

These one are always trying to get details about the reasons by which such kind of issues are appearing. In the upcoming details, I’m going to mention some major ones.

  • Genetics

If we talk about the hair cycle then it divide into three steps. Mainly these steps are – growth of hair (anagen), renewal of hair (catagen) and hair fall (telogen). In case you focus on the time of anagen stage then its duration is between 2 years to 6 years. All these things are depending on the genetics.

slow growth of hair

  • Heat

Conditions those are faced by the hair are playing an important role. In case hair is coming direct in contact of heat then the roots are becoming weak. Due to the weak roots, the hair stop growing or the process of getting growth become slower.

  • Food

Eating habits are affecting the complete body. If you are facing issues related to the hair grows slow then you should check out food. Try to consume healthy food more as compared the unhealthy one. These types of food items are also becoming a reason for some serious health issues.

  • Stress

People those are facing lots of stress in daily life they may face unfavorable conditions. Slow growth of hair is one of these major issues. You should try to keep the mind relaxed by paying attention to various elements.

  • Dehydration

As we know that water is an important part of our body. Lack of water is also affecting the condition of hair. You should try to keep the body hydrated every time. Dehydrations will lead to slow growth of hair or hair fall conditions.

  • Medication

Some people are undertaking medications for quick hair growth. Sometimes it leads to the adverse effects and slow down the process of growth. With these points, you can get answer to question why does hair grow slow. In case you want a solution then you should visit a specialist today.